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I'm looking drinks for an event.

Perfect, you couldn’t have hit better. We have been producing beverages for all kinds of events for 15 years. We can prepare energy drinks from as little as 24 pieces. Water and juices from 100 pieces. All drinks will be prepared with your own logo – full customized. The product is ideal not only for a trade fair or event, but also as an advertising gadget or a permanent product in the company welcoming guests instead of coffee. Maybe water with the logo of your beauty salon?

I'm looking water for big event for tomorrow.

Don’t worry, the fact that we produce very small quantities of beverages with our own logo does not mean that we cannot prepare 5,000 or 10,000 bottles of water for your event. Probably not for tomorrow, but we know the industry very well. Last minute order of drinks. No problem. Believe us, we also hear very often, „Help, the competition has failed !!!”. It is not by accident that we have been on the market for so many years.

What kind of drink you can prepare - small amount?

With low-volume productions, we focus mainly on selected, proven products. In a 250 ml can, we recommend an energy drink in a classic, sugar free version, but you will find something tasty. When excess energy is not recommended, we recommend a universal product, which is advertising water. Available in 3 sizes: 250 ml, 330 ml, 500 ml and 330 ml in glass. Choose one of the water capacities for the fair and mix freely sparkling and non-carbonated in one order. We also cannot forget about our fruit juices. We even have those squeezed from sheep in a 250 ml glass bottle. Sports event? Isotonic drinks with your logo are recommended

I would like to introduce drinks to the permanent offer - contract?

Our price list of advertising products depends on the quantity. We can offer a contract agreement. You are the manager of a football club, music club or restaurant. When the number of drinks sold is quite large during the year, you do not need to receive everything immediately. The contract consists of an initial commitment to the amount you sell during the year. The larger the quantity is the lower the price, but we only pay for a given batch. We only require a 25% prepayment on labels and a fee for the batch of beverages received with your logo.

How to create design for products ?

Preparing projects is very simple. Go to the download tab and select a template for your product. When designing, we recommend the use of CMYK colors. You can put your logo, slogans or photos. Everything will be printed beautifully. If you do not have time or graphics at hand, we can prepare such a design for drinks for you.

I'm looking energy drink cans for my wedding.

If you are looking for drinks for a wedding or other private event such as a birthday or a bachelor party. You’ve come to the right place, please contact us.

I would like to start with my craft beer project.

Let’s meet over a beer. Depending on what you are looking for, we can provide you with many beer options. We can prepare cans for filling, shrink sleeve marking (MOQ – 500 pcs.), or with direct printing (MOQ-150 k pcs.). We also have a mobile bottling option, then we come to your brewery (MOQ 4500 pcs). In case of greater demand for the production of beer into cans, we can also sell or rent our beer lines. Any time you cans change machine for faster one. 

What is mobile canning?

Once you open your brewery, you will invest a lot of time and money. However, you still feel unsatisfied. You already have bottled beer, but customers keep asking for their favorite canned beer. You don’t need to worry anymore. We invite you to the All in one service. What does it mean ? We can prepare a can design, deliver labeled cans for bottling, and we can also pour your kraft beer at your brewery. Our mobile lines are specially prepared for such tasks.

I am looking for a craft beer filling line.

If your next step is to produce canned beer, you have two options. You can buy a beer bottling machine from us and we will provide full service of the machines and deliver ready-made cans. You can also rent our beer bottler, and when your brewery grows, replace it with a larger model. There is no need to immediately invest in efficient lines that will not be fully used yet. 

What kind of cans can you supply?

We offer the most popular sizes of aluminum cans. Can for energy drinks 250 ml slim, 330 ml sleek and classic and 500 ml. However, if you are looking for a different capacity, we will be able to help you.

I would like to create my own drink recipe.

Thanks to our extraordinary flexibility, we can create the perfect drink for you. Choose the packaging you are interested in, aluminum can, PET or glass bottle. Specify the recipe you care about and we will tell you how much it will cost and what the production minimum will be.