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Are you looking for a beverage producer with your own logo? We will say, not modestly, we are the best. Choose from our recipes and create your drink even from 24 pieces. Maybe you are looking for a larger volume, we will produce almost everything.




We produce drinks on an individual order.

Our products have been found in many places in Europe for many years. The products available includes: energy drinks, isotonic drinks, bottled water of various sizes, juices and other promotional drinks. We cooperate with hotels, music clubs, restaurants, sports clubs, advertising agencies of all over Europe.

Drinks with your logo are an ideal solution for those who care about their image, are interested in obtaining higher financial and marketing profits than any other product on the market can offer.



Added value:

Energy drinks and other promotional drinks have many uses. First of all, they are a showcase of your company, an ideal advertising medium, an advertising gadget, a source of information about your brand, an interesting and unusual gift for your customer (employee), as well as eye-catching advertising product for future customers.

Own product – better promotion:

By placing your own logo on the can or bottle, you promote your own company. Instead of selling generally available, popular brands, we propose to introduce your own drinks with the logo. This generates more profits and promotes your own brand.
Individual approach:
Our individual products are received very positively by our costumers, have a pleasant taste, interesting design and high-quality labels.

Contract production:

Are you interested in larger quantities of drinks or would you like to launch your own brand? However, this does not mean that you have to order a whole truckload of drinks with the logo at once. Contract service gives you a lower price, but you collect and pay only for the batch of drinks you need at the moment


When you plan to introduce new SKUs for your beverages, use aluminum cans. Due to their convenience, product protection capabilities and sustainability features, they are ideal for any product.

Beer has been sold mainly in bottles for centuries. More and more brewers are switching to aluminum cans. The brewers claim that the original flavor is preserved in its entirety. Over the past few years, many different craft beers have been sold in cans and are on the rise. According to estimates by Nielsen, the canned beer market has grown by over 30%.

100% resistance to UV rays:

Cans are generally much better than glass bottles, while brown retains light best, green and transparent have much lower coefficients. When beer is exposed to light for a long time, it can lead to oxidation. Aluminum can prevent contact with light. Thanks to this, the beer is fresher and more aromatic for a longer time.

Recycling of aluminum cans:

Aluminum is the most recyclable packaging material. While only 26.4% of recycled glass is actually reused, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) reports that 54.9% of all aluminum cans are reused after

The can does not change the taste of the beer:

Even though many people think bottled beer tastes better. Blind taste tests have shown that there is no difference between the flavors of bottled and canned beer. All cans are lined with a polymer coating that protects the beer. This means that the beer itself does not actually come into contact with the aluminum.


Canning equipment. Playground for creative people.
Just the right amount of everything. Any speed. Any size. Any type you need.
Like canning machine. Unlike any other canning machine – tailored for you only.

Rady for any job:

To ensure the longevity of our products, we put our hardware to the test in our testing lab using methods that mimic real-world experiences.
Services extend the life of your machine if anything goes wrong. Built-in security and regular software updates keep your product current or protect them from being stolen. And because people are moving around, with a guided interface on our machine, employees don’t need as much help from others to get up to speed, ultimately lowering overall labour costs.

Choose the size of production:

We offer 3 models of machines, mini for hobby or restaurant use. Standard version with several sub-versions to perfectly suit your needs. And our most powerful PRO version, for more advanced projects.

Add other equipment:

UV-Rinser – Innovation of rinsing. That’s better for you and the environment.
Labeller – Pair canning machine with labeller for seriously productive possibilities.
DePally – It’s ready to move mountainous pallets and feed monstrous cans for fill.


The simplest way to get canned. Call to us.

When to use mobile canning?

Mobile Canning is a service to deliver a great experience at full‑size – have a canning machine inhouse whenever you need it. Simply prepare your brew, pick up the phone and fast-track your beer cans to your customers.

What do we get from this :

Thanks to this mobile solution, you can test the market to see how your canned product will be received. We will save your time that you would have to spend on working with machines.