Small amount for event and promotion / Big run for beverage maket


Drink development



Create your own design and recipe. Thanks to our offer you can:

– Starting developing from small amount
– Fully customizable cans designe;
– Classic ingrediens, organic;
– Prepare a trial batch for market research;
– Fulfill all orders, even those unusual ones;
– Research the market cheaper and introduce possible changes.



Many years of experience, own production and production of bottling machines.
Thanks to these possibilities, we are able to prepare a test bottling, market research, taste samples, and create a finished product.

Request notification.

Assessment of needs and opportunities. At this stage, the most important thing is to get to know each other. We want to meet the needs of a given customer as best as possible. We want to get to know our client’s needs as best as possible!.

Valuation and goal setting.

After preliminary understanding of the client’s needs, we are able to provide a quote and set common long-term goals. At this stage, we want the customer to familiarize himself with all the terms of cooperation, as well as the price of his product.

Sample preparation.

Post production – test bottling. At this stage, we present you the taste of the selected product. We complete the details. We talk, we ask, we listen. If the taste is accepted, we can move on to the next step.

Signing a contract.

We are in a key place for both sides. If we are already at this stage, it means that in a moment we will start the production of your drink. Remember, at this stage of cooperation we need a copy of the trademark registration confirmation!

Your brand production.

We are very happy that we are just starting the production of your brand! We have everything set up, the graphic design approved, the contract signed. We can act!

Delivery finished products.

It’s that time we deliver it, or you pick up the finished drinks yourself! We are proud to have been able to work with you! We believe that each product that „came out” from us is unique and refined to the smallest detail! Now it remains for us to wish you tasty and good luck!